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Welcome to tec4u This page is called into life because i got bored with scouring the internet for answers on what i wanted to do, having to read blogs that have lots of so-called "experts" that do either or all of: Either way, the answers are few and far between.

So what can you find here?

Simple: just straight to the point pages with howto's on topics I either have an interest in, have been submitted or I ran in to during hobby and/or work.
I shared them on these pages in public so anybody can use them, hopefully they solve other people's problems or projects.
Yes, i know about the miriad of sites (like github, instructables etc. etc.) that do something like it, but i also don't want to be bothered by their cms, administration, constant emails about nothing, etc.

I in no way claim the solutions here are perfect or even the best ones (i am sure there are better ones), but these do work.

All pages are made in simple html files, no fuss, no nothing.
Maybe at some point a cms will be installed, but for the time being this way works and it saves constant maintenance for security issues.

If you have a nice solution to a problem and think it fits with the idea of this website: you are welcome to share them here.
If you do, just create a webpage for it (index.html, with or without css etc). It's nice if you use the layout here, but not mandatory.
Once done, zip it and mail it to tec4u - at - spambak -dot- nl

Obligatory disclaimer (yes... we unfortunatly live in that kindof world these days): i take absolutely NO responsibility in any way, shape or form for any data loss or damages you might inflict using the projects and/or solutions on these pages.
Nor am i liable (or will accept any responsibility) for damages to anything you use these projects/solutions in, or with (this applies to devices, vehicles, apparatus, clothing, cats, dogs, pigeons or anything else not mentioned).
I tested everything myself, and you are welcome to use everything free of charge, but i cannot and will not be responsible for YOUR project.
Neither do i intend to be a helpdesk. The solutions and projects work as stated, changes or customizations are up to you and your responsibility.

With that out of the way: i hope you enjoy the projects and solutions offered on these pages!
Networking/infrastructure A poor man's SAN network on Fiber Channel.
Desktop/Servers/clusters Galera cluster on freebsd. Email server complete system. Active directory fileserver using Freebsd. Remove ALL the windows 10 crap you don't want/need. Restore windows 10 not booting (with EFI)
Arduino Simple arduino project for Scouting during the annual JOTI event. Arduino project for RFID scanners and wireless. Arduino project for laser shooting game. Police flashers/PAR36 drop in RGB LED
Model train (H0) My version of a rollerbench for programming, cleaning and repairing rolling stock.
Other projects A ready to go escaperoom hint system. A zortrax M200 top cover USA cheaop police/emergency siren for vehicles. DIY omnidirectional outdoor speakers.
Scraps Freebsd autologin. Freebsd multiple routing tables. Freebsd loadbalance ngctl. Freebsd loadbalance/failover using lacp. Freebsd wifi failover. Caldav/carddav sync for android, free. HTC viperone roms