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Scraps for freebsd Several small things i have been looking for and found after some trial and error(s).
The scraps below work at least on freebsd 11.1 (and up probably).
Autologin Autologin is easy to accomplish in freebsd.
Why? One idea is to have a machine as a kiosk machine that automatically logs in, starts X and starts a browser.
Add a user for autologin (NOT root!), or select one. Here we use 'user' but it can be any other user that has a login shell:
systemfile changes
#edit /etc/gettytab

-- at the bottom type:

user|Autologin console:\

-- save the file

#edit /etc/ttys

-- look for the line starting with : ttyv0 and change it to:

ttyv0 "/usr/libexec/getty user" xterm on secure

-- save it
Now, when you reboot the machine, it will autologin with the user 'user'.