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Free carddav and caldav sync for android Here is one solution for syncing android to your own caldav/carddav system (like is available in owncloud and the likes!).
It is tested also with my own project: Complete email server!
Software All you will need for this:

If you don't like onecalendar for any reason, you can simply use your preferred calendar app. If this app does not have CALDAV built in, you will need another app to be able to sync with the CALDAV server. There are 2 possible solutions for this: It kindof looks like the guy posting open sync ripped the code off of davdroid. I tried both, davdroid seems to be a little bit more stable but both seem to do the job just fine eventually.
Setting it up, Onecalendar Setting up caldav with onecalendar is simple!
With that, all is set to go!
While you are at it, you can add other accounts aswell like google, outlook etc. to have everything in one calendar..
Other settings you might want to look at is the sync frequency etc, but that's up to your preferences.
Setting it up, calendar without caldav support Setting things up is pretty straight forward. As stated, you will need account information before you start.
Then, install one of the sync apps listed above (NOT both!! it will make a mess of things!!)
Next, you want the calendar app installed. Here, we use 'simple calendar' and will show how to set things up using these apps.

Everything should be set and updated on your calendar now!

If in the future something changes (for instance: a new calendar is added to your account), you do need to update things to make it show up on your calendar.
It is a simple procedure:
Using the calendars You use the calendar just as you would before! Only make sure that when you add an event to the calendar that you select the correct calendar to put it in. Anything other than that is exactly the same!
Several calendar apps