Welcome to tec4u This page is called into life because i got bored with scouring the internet for answers on what i wanted to do, having to read blogs that have lots of so-called "experts" that do either or all of: Either way, the answers are few and far between.

So what can you find here?

Simple: just straight to the point pages with howto's on topics I either have an interest in, have been submitted or I ran in to during hobby and/or work.
I shared them on these pages in public so anybody can use them, hopefully they solve other people's problems or projects.

I in no way claim the solutions here are perfect or even the best ones, i am sure there are better solutions, but these do work.
The solutions here are offered 'as is'. Meaning: you are welcome to use them and do whatever you want with them, but don't expect me to become a helpdesk for any of it or be responsible for any problems that might arise or damages you might inflict.
If you can't use it or don't agree with it, you are ofcourse free to look for another that suits your needs.

All pages are made in simple html files, no fuss, no nothing.
Maybe at some point a cms will be installed, but for the time being this way works and it saves constant maintenance for security issues.

If you have a nice solution to a problem and think it fits with the idea of this website: you are welcome to share them here.
If you do, please keep in mind the following points:
Networking/infrastructure A poor man's SAN network on Fiber Channel.
Servers/clusters Galera cluster on freebsd.
Projects Simple arduino project for Scouting during the annual JOTI event. Arduino project for RFID scanners and wireless. A ready to go escaperoom hint system.